Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleep Tight....Don't let the cracked ribs keep you up at night..

I don't have cracked ribs, but I have been sleep like crap lately! My neck has been hurting so bad, I'm so thirsty at night but I don't want to drink anything cause I don't want to get up a million times to pee. But then I just end up waking up real early and going downstairs to get a full glass of juice cause I can't stand how thirsty I am. I need to use more pillows, I used to use like 5 and now I'm down to 3. I think I need more head and back support.
August has actually been really active during the day, early evening and then is pretty mellow when I try going to bed, which is nice. He's not kicking a soccer ball around in the middle of the night anymore. (PS I hate soccer, so I really pretend like he's kicking field goals with a football, but that would be weird saying).

Anyway.. Grandma is coming today. I think I have to pick her up in SLO, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

And that's all.


Danielle said...

awwwww grandma!

Grammy Pammy said...

Hahhah calling Richard "Crazy" I know...he has wanted one for a long time..and with the crunch on the car dealer's one could afford it, with the trade of the hot mustang too! =) But the weather outside in PA is frightful. MD is wonderful, love Em and the kids are loving it too. Just need Sam to finish school and join us...oh and do sleep tight, soon you will get NO SLEEP. xooxox