Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me update you.

I have extremely bad farts, they started when I ate a Fiber Bar and had an artichoke the same night. And now it's like never ending FERRRp, ew that smells.
Two nights ago I had a laughing attack in bed because I farted on gibby's head (im laughing so hard right now its hard to type) and she got up and out of the covers really pissed looking, then matts like KRISTA.. then i just lost it and laughed and laughed and cried and then I started to stop and Matt said something which made me laugh more because he just needed to not say anything, oh I was just laughing so freaking hard.. for a good 10-15 minutes.

Im going to get my mother tomorrow at LAX, and going to Ikea and I'm excited!
The shower is Saturday, and I'm excited.

Michelle's mad if I get a different stroller! Taryn is funny and hard to read her when it's on a text!

Wiss is making some good salsa.
Lori and Danielle are just going to do really cool things.
Krista P. is making a really awesome cake.

Amy is going to do my hair friday.
erin is just cool along with everyone else I didnt list. ( just means i haven't talked to you today!)

This post is really weird and I'm sorry...but I have to poop really bad for the second time today!!! (which is good, i just dont want those THINGS you get when your pregnant and poop...i refuse to say them cause im scared ill get them) and im farting so much right now and its horrible smelling
you are love me i know. i love you too


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I found out that a girl I worked with at Walgreens when I lived in Lake Havasu died in a car accident on Labor Day last year. She was only a couple years older than me and the last time I talked to her was before our wedding. She was going to come out but couldn't because she had 3 boys that she needed to take care of, and at the time was going through a seperation with her husband (I think they later got back together).
Anyway, I just found out today and I am heart broken. Her name was Maria and she was a crazy Jeff Jordan fan. She even had a Monte Carlo with Jeff Gordan racing stuff all over it. She was so funny and I loved working with her.
I always wanted to go back to Havasu just to see her, but I won't ever have that chance.

I just googled to see if I could find anything.. and this is what I found..
she was only 28...

Don't drink and drive.. don't get in a car with a person that's been drinking.

I love you Mrs. Bon Bon. RIP.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stewie is so annoying right now!!!!!!

My cat is also crazy. This was taken around Christmas time, if you leave anything open in the kitchen, he jumps in it. Like the frig or the cupboard and even the dishwasher.

I guess normal doesn't run in my family of animals.

Ah hell nah.

So I'm really scared that we are going to owe taxes again this year. I seriously don't know how it's possible, but I seriously think we are. Matt has the max taken out of his check, and I claim 2, which I don't see how that could make that huge of a difference. We get credit for paying interest on our mortgage and for paying property taxes...I went to put Matt's last "paycheck" in because we don't have his W2 yet and it said we would owe! I hope I am doing something wrong because I swear if we owe I'll be ragging against this nation.

I know that what we get back will just go right to the state because of last year.. but as long as we don't owe additional then I'm ok with it.

Well..I guess I will have to wait until we get his stupid form, which I thought would have come with his paycheck! UH.

I also have been having really bad heartburn, and it sucks! At least I think that is what it is.

I'm going to lay down. I'm tired and annoyed by the bratty kids outside.

I need to move to the country for some peace and quite!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's got big balls, He's got big balls...but We've got the biggest balls of them all....

Right well today was my much anticipated doctors appointment. All day I was stressing out and thinking these things in my head:
-He's going to be huge
-I'm going to have GD
-I'm going to gain at least 2-4 pounds from the last time I was there
-They are going to change my due date to March 1st
-I'm going to forget to talk about how I've been feeling lately with my doctor

And here's how today went...
Got there and weighed myself..check, gained what I thought I would
Had the ultrasound..check, he's already over 5 pounds (the books say your baby should be between 3.5 & 4)
The ultrasound date said my EDD is around 3/2-3/6..check, they didn't change the date, but I mean seriously the ultrasound says he's measuring at 34 weeks and that would make my due date closer to the 1st!
They think he's big because either he's just a big baby (his father was a huge baby) or because I had GD..check, I can't have anymore ORANGE JUICE, ORANGE JUICE PEOPLE, look at my blog it's a girl with a glass of OJ! I can't have any juice for that matter, and I can only drink 1% or non fat milk (i'm a 2%er) I have to totally watch my sugar intake until I find out for sure if I have GD which is in 2 weeks I go in again for that nasty drink.
Did I talk to them about how I've been feeling..check...NOPE!

So my day went as planned!

But the good news, August is healthy...heart, brain, body everything. He is just a really big baby. He has a big head, nose, feet, hands, arms, legs, belly...and BALLS. Gosh baby boys balls look HUGE it's insane to me. And yes he is head down with his elbows in my left lower side and his legs in my right rib cage.
I got NO sleep last night what so ever, but I guess if I lay off the juice maybe it will help me sleep..maybe it's making me wired..? I don't know, but if someone doesn't drink that gallon of OJ that's in the fridge.. I'm going to go crazy seeing it every day!!!

Anyway, I have a dvd and I will try and post pictures soon of his little face that we FINALLY got to see!!! Although his hands were in his face most of the time, and he gave us the middle finger once, and yawned a million times, it was really cute. It's so real now. I saw a baby inside me, not just a blurry picture that looked like a baby. I saw what he's going to look like, I saw his Schurman nose!
I really can't wait now.. Matt was so excited. He was standing up most of the ultrasound just starring at the screen. And my grandma (baby's great grandma) went with us! I know she really enjoyed it and I'm glad she was able to go!!

Alright well I am so tired and I am going to try and go to bed early tonight. Matt said he'd give me a butt massage, I'm in a lot of pain soooooooo..

Alright well bless everyone!!!!!!!!! Love you all and see you this weekend I'm sure!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Attn: Grocery Store Shoppers...(MOMS!)

Hey guys,
So I'm sure all of us would like to save a few dollars here and there. My mom used to use coupons all the time and told me that I really need to start because with the baby coming and me not working full time, money is going to be really tight.
I thought it would be cool if I could get a group together that would start cutting coupons and pick what ones they want and then send them to one person and that person does the same, so all the coupons will get around to everyone. The paper is $1.50 I think, which 1 coupon would make up for the cost. Usually they are better in the LA or San Fran paper, but I did get the Santa Maria Times a few weekends ago and they had some good bathroom stuff in there. I know it will take awhile to get our coupon book filled up, but I think if we start now it would really benefit all of us. Especially for those buying diapers, wipes and baby food.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can set up some sort of system on who gets whose coupons and then who gets them after the next person. Someone will always get second dibs on the coupons...You of course will have first dibs on the paper you buy, and so forth..

Also, there are a few online sites that have coupons, I will have to get them from my mom. But I have to say that she is crazy and gets stuff for FREE! She would have a coupon for $1.00 and say it's on sell and there's some type of rebate.. she would actually get money back from buying the item! She's crazy though.. and shops at like 3 different stores. One of them being Walgreens and the other is a Grocery Outlet, which makes since to shop at...there's nothing wrong with the food, and of course I wouldn't buy fresh produce or meat there, but anything in a can or box, or cleaner...

Ok so enough of how good this could be for all of us..
Please let me know if you would like to do this.. I really hope some of you want to!

Love you all,

PS my doctor's appointment is tomorrow, I think I'm most anxious about this one than any other!

How low can you go..

so my grandma keeps saying this to me...
you are carrying so low, you are gonna give birth to that baby sooner than later..
you are ready to pop krista..
you better watch yourself so you can lose that weight after you have that baby, you really have to try and not just say you are
you are so low

I love my grandma. I know I'm big and I know I look like I could pop, but I still have 6-8 weeks to go!!!!

Now I get ready for work, oh and ps no clothes fit me anymore. my belly shows with everything i wear! it's annoying.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vent #2

I just got a voicemail from my boss who had a voicemail from a customer who said this..
"Hey Paul, I know I had an appointment with you in the morning..but uh I forgot that the president thing is tomorrow...and so I'm pretty sure I'll be watching that all day... and so can I reschedule to another day.."

Ok first off, my boss will probably only be there for AN HOUR, second...he doesn't really need to sit there and talk to her, just measure and see how long our equipment was there for.. third...her house had a flood..and she would rather put that off and watch the freaking president..which that speech crap will be on ALL DAY! Seriously... seriously... I'm sure she will have a box of tissue next to her too.

I refuse to turn on the tv tomorrow. or the radio. or even the internet.


Ok so I was downstairs putting up pictures and my grandma has the CNN news on or something, and of course all they are talking about is Obama.. which I don't care, I mean he becomes our president tomorrow. HOWEVER, with today being Martin Luther King day, and tomorrow being the BIG DAY...the news reporters are only talking about Barack being AFRICAN AMERICAN.
They are talking about how we are going to be watching an African American father with his wife and two young daughters grow up in the white house..and blah blah blah..
Honestly, he is a freaking PERSON, his daughters are young girls..his wife is a middle aged lady, I could really CARE LESS IF THEY ARE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!
You are segregating the President and his family, because every sentence begins with..he's African American.

What if he was Chinese, would you say..oh we are watching a Chinese family in the white house..
we are watching a Mexican family grow up with two young girls..NO you probably wouldn't mention it.

I want tomorrow to be over with, I want the next few weeks of news coverage to be over with.

I also don't want to see children's books and games about Obama...did we have those when Kennedy was president..clinton...bush...washington!? NO! So why they hell..oh wait it's cause he's African American...I forgot that already..

McCain/Palin 2012. HAHAHHAAHHA

Listen to your body..

I called the doctor's office and told them how I have been feeling. The nurse said this, "You need to listen to your body and rest....(someone in the back)..and you need to get some more protein."
So I think I'm going to put myself on bed rest until Wednesday, when I actually go in and they can check my blood pressure and tell me if I'm just stressing myself out.

I really want to cry but I'm at work, so I need to keep myself together until I get home. Which I'm going to do real in 30 minutes.

I really only get good sleep from 6:00 am.-8:00 am..and it sucks!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just got done watching YOUTUBE videos of Boston Terriers and I noticed like every owner of a BT has TWO! I told Matt this and he said "we should get another one"


He said, if we didn't have two cats and a baby on the way, we could totally get another one.

I have this LOVE for Boston Terries that I think only owners of really cool dogs can feel. Like Danielle, I'm sure LOVES Boxers ( I do too, even though I'm not an owner of one). I love all dogs, but if I see a BT or even a Boxer I freak out. Ive been seeing this guy all last week running with his boston terrier and i seriously want to pull over and talk to him.

I know I am crazy, but as soon as baby is 1 and we have money....I might just have to get another..
It's like having a sibling for your child. Gibby needs another dog to play with all the time.

hahahaha BTW, I will never get another dog until we move out of this small house...we would need a yard before we got another dog.. so DONT WORRY.. I won't go out and get another dog like I went out and got a cat!!!!!

I'm going to bed now!!!!!!!!!! I hope I sleep good like last night! Except I'm drinking a glass of water, so I'm sure I'll get up at least twice!

push, push, push yourself...too hard.

So lately I haven't been feeling good at all. I just feel that I'm either getting sick, or my body is going through wild changes the past few days that my levels of whatever have been off.

It started Monday, I could tell I was getting sick, I would wake up with a sore throat and just my body was poopy. Then Tuesday came and same thing, and at work Tanya was sick with what I felt like I would be getting. My nose was stuffy but runny, my head hurt whatever...
skip to Saturday... My grandma and I went to the mall and then to Wal-Mart and at about the end of the Wal-Mart trip I was getting all blah feeling, I didn't want to walk I just wanted to sit down and not move. We met Matt at Panera (it's way better than it was the first time I went! I hate going to new places when they first open up) and I was so hot and just felt like crap and my heels were KILLING me.
Saturday night I had Matt put this foot lotion on my feet because I seriously can't walk on my heels, I think they might just be cracked REALLY bad.
Today.....I got ready and my grandma and I went to Kohls and Target...I was sweating like a cow in Kohls and I said something to the girl at the register and she said she thought it was hot in there, so I figured it was just hot and not me. Then we got to Target and we walked in and I serioulsy didn't want to move, we got to the aisle where the curtains were and I had to sit on the shelf on the bottom because I couldn't move and I thought I was going to pass out, again sweating like a cow. We hurried home because I thought I was going to pass out and grandma can't drive so that wouldn't be good.
We got home and I took my shoes off and it hurt so bad to first put them on and then take them off. but when i got home I wanted to get the curtains up and clean up the house and I just kept going and going and going and didn't stop. finally i just laid down because i felt like i was running a tempature. i laid there for awhile and then got dizzy so i got some food because i thought that would help.
then matt asked if i wanted to go with him to the mcdonalds so i put on my slipper socks, dare i try to put on shoes again...even my crocs hurt!
i had to tippy toe pretty much to the car.. i felt good until we started driving HOME from there house. i was talking to matt about family drama and i lost my train of thought and i swear the car was driving on two wheels, i felt like the right side tires went flat because i felt really off balance... so i stopped talking and closed my eyes and then opened them..and everything went back to normal.

I don't know if these feelings are normal and I'm just crazy.. or what.
I do feel though that I am trying to do too much and pushing myself to do all this stuff without taking a break inbetween.

I really can't wait to go to the doctor wednesday so i can tell him all this stuff about how ive been feeling really weird and how my feet are killing me.. matt says they look normal (not swollen like crazy) but i dont know why my heels hurt SO bad. its mostly my left one, matt says its probably not pregnancy related, but whatever im going to ask.

also, i think i got bigger over night from friday to saturday. and i feel that ive gained like 5 pounds since the last time i went to the doctor, and if thats the case he's going to be PISSED.

ok well i need some water and lurk the message boards..

ps. seeing how matt is with olivia gets me really excited to see how he is going to be with august.
and hearing little kids fart and burp is really funny to me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Read only if you want to cry

I've been reading message board and the above link is to a girl that lost her baby, she knew that once he was born he wouldn't survive. Her strength is amazing, this girl is amazing. I couldn't read all of it, but the pictures are worth a million sad words.
It's really eye opening..and I really think you should just look at it, you don't have to read every word.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birth Weight

Officially - Matt was 10lbs 3 oz and 22 1/2 inches long.
Born at 6:44 a.m. on 5/29/81

For me.. I don't know
I think it was 12:34 p.m on 9/9/84, but I need to find out my weight and length.

Also...I really don't want to say this, but I'm at the point where I'm tired of being pregnant. I'm 32 weeks (on Sunday) and I'm just really starting to hurt and really can't sleep at all anymore. I woke up at 3 last night and couldn't fall back asleep, I love sleeping on my back now, which I used to ALWAYS be a side sleeper. My brain thinks to much at night.. AH.

I just want to meet my little boy (but not early!)

Matt's mom sent baby pictures of him for a game for the shower and I just want to see what our guy is going to look like..will he have Matts huge head and nose? my nose(that i love..weird, i love my nose and lips haha)
Will he had crazy curly blonde hair like matt? (i think so, my brother and dad and curly blonde hair...and wait until you see the pictures of matts! it looked like a wig it was crazy!)
and I'm sure it will be curly or wavy..we both have some pretty curly/wavy hair.

also...I need to be banned from Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So lately I have been reading these pregnancy message boards just to see what other people are saying about being due in March. After hours of reading I always feel really unprepared to go into the hospital, and to have August come home!
I think it's because I can't really do much until his room is done and the shower is over. But I just really hate this feeling.
Today I went through a cleaning craze.. which I think I'm starting to "Nest".
I cleaned the living room and re-organized everything and cleaned the floor like crazy and am just trying to get things looking better so I don't stress about it when I have a baby!
Also, Matt pulled up all the carpet in the baby's room today, (we no longer have ANY carpet!!!) because by Tuesday the floor is going to be done! (our room finished, the hallway, and Augusts' room!) Which I am so excited about because I feel that after that is done I can arrange all the furniture how I want it and just start getting things ready!

AHH.. but I just still feel like everything is coming so fast! I mean today I'm 31 weeks...and next week I'll be 32 weeks and I go have an ultrasound (what if he tells me my edd has changed to March 1st...!?) .

AND here is my schedule for the next few weeks

Jan. 21st - Ultrasound
Jan. 24th - Olivia's Bday party
Jan. 25th - Parker's Bday party
Jan. 29th - pick up mom at lax and go to ikea
Jan. 31st - baby shower
Feb. 1st - take mom and gma back to lax
Feb. 3rd - breastfeeding class/child care
Feb. 5th - Lamaze
Feb. 6th - wheel of fortune! (hopefully)
Feb. 10th - breastfeeding/child care class
Feb. 12th - Lamaze
Feb. 14th - valentines day (lame day probably)
Feb. 19th - Lamaze
Feb. 21st - IA's last show (maybe ill go)
Feb. 26th - Lamaze
Feb. 28th - Ella's bday party (?)

Seriously.. isn't that schedule looking alittle crazy!?!?!?!?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cry me a river...ohhhh.

So last night.. no bueno.
I slept like CRAP. I pretty much didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I woke up at 12, 2, 4, 7, and finally had a good 8:00-8:35 sleep time. I didn't shower, I just got ready and went to work. I am in the worst mood ever, people at work are driving me CRAZY!

I am in that mood where I just want to cry and cry and cry just to let everything out, even though I don't have anything to really cry about. I want to just go home and lay in bed and sleep until tomorrow.

Also, last night when I was trying to sleep, I could only sleep on my right side, or my back. I just really like sleeping on my back! And I really like to drink during the night. I went through a glass of OJ and a glass of Grape Juice from 9:00 p.m. - 4:45 a.m.
I am so thirsty and night and I know that's part of the reason that keeps me up. And my neck has been hurting really bad lately too, which is another reason why I can't sleep.

And one more thing to complain about...
Whenever the baby moves, I get really sick to my stomach like I am going to throw up and it's the worst feeling ever. Even if I eat it stills makes me sick feeling.

I need a really good nap and some really good food and some ice cold water.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleep Tight....Don't let the cracked ribs keep you up at night..

I don't have cracked ribs, but I have been sleep like crap lately! My neck has been hurting so bad, I'm so thirsty at night but I don't want to drink anything cause I don't want to get up a million times to pee. But then I just end up waking up real early and going downstairs to get a full glass of juice cause I can't stand how thirsty I am. I need to use more pillows, I used to use like 5 and now I'm down to 3. I think I need more head and back support.
August has actually been really active during the day, early evening and then is pretty mellow when I try going to bed, which is nice. He's not kicking a soccer ball around in the middle of the night anymore. (PS I hate soccer, so I really pretend like he's kicking field goals with a football, but that would be weird saying).

Anyway.. Grandma is coming today. I think I have to pick her up in SLO, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

And that's all.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you having a girl!?

So I walked into the doctor's office and sat down, and as I was sitting...this WT girl was like...
So you having a girl..?
and I was like.."Ha, no actually I'm having a boy..."
Her response was..."OH"
and I didn't ask her what she was having, cause I didn't really care and it was just really weird.
Why do WT pregnant girls find the need to talk to me?! It happened in the bank too, and the girl was SO loud, louder than me! I was so embarrassed like people thought I was with her or something!!!
Am I really that WT looking?!
(don't answer that! hahhaa)

Titters are finers. To take the drug or not..

So my boob is fine I guess. He said that he didn't feel anything that was not normal tissue. The pain has pretty much gone away for the most part. I guess I just freaked myself out.. but it's better safe than sorry.

I have been having some insane rib pain today, worse than ever before. I was pretty sure the past few days he had gotten away from the ribs, but boy was I wrong. He has been in them and pushing his little booty or whatever it is continuously into them. He has kicked or punched or whatever me today so hard I yelled out loud at work. I would never wish this kind of pain in the ribs on anyone, because not only does it hurt, but you are NEVER comfortable.
I know I complain about this a lot, but it hurts that much to complain about it that much!!!!!
Anyway, when I went to see Dr. Dillon, he also checked the heartbeat and it was 160. I go back on the 21st for my ultrasound. That is going to be funny.

I'm excited for my mom to be here in 24 days, she probably will think I have gotten huge since the last time I saw her.
It will be nice to have her here and then knowing she will be back for the birth, which we talked about today.

I have been thinking more and more of NOT getting an epidural. My mom had both my brother and I without one, and she had just turned 18 when she had me, not that age matters. But for her to have me so young and then my brother 2 1/2 years later and want to experience the birth with no drugs in her, find it pretty cool.
Also, I just keep thinking about the life style Matt and I live.
We are both "Straight Edge" and for some reason I just feel that I shouldn't get it because of that. I know some of you think that's a lame excuse, but for me and for how I live.. I don't.
Matt said it is like taking Tylenol, but I don't think so. This is a drug they stick in your spine that makes your body do weird things. Tylenol sometimes just makes the pain go away, doesn't make you do crazy things, or have a reaction over your body.

AH! So I don't know. My mom thinks that all you need is a good breathing technique. That's what she used. She really liked her Lamaze class and said it was the best thing ever for her.
I will have to wait and see I guess. I start class next month. I can't wait for it. I think it's going to be funny, I don't know why.
This is all I have to write. I need to stand up so I can take some pressure off my ribs.
Also Matt wants to eat as soon as he gets home, cause he's STARVING he says.

Peace Out

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Laugh my face off...

So yesterday, while talking to someone I just laughed so much, not really out loud but in my head. This person being Taryn, she was saying some freaking funny stuff and it like made my day I don't know why. But things she said I just couldn't stop laughing, and I'm even thinking about them now!
I love when you have friends that can just make you laugh, with just saying simple things or pointing out simple stuff.
Yesterday Taryn just happened to be that friend.

AND another note... I realized that I have only 9 weekends until my due date, which is stressing me out like CRAZY! So next weekend (the 10th and 11th) Matt and I are going to work on the house all weekend. And in return he gets to buy this stupid thing that Caleb and Brian told him about, well it's not really stupid, but it's just something for his DS and that means less time with me. HAHA.
But then I also said we can get some cool baby clothes (Judge onesie & Gorilla Biscuits onesie, I know only cool to me haha).
Also, in the next couple days my grandma LOLA will be here and I'm really excited for her to come. She hasn't seen me since I've been pregnant and who knows what she will say to me. Usually when she sees me she tells me I'm fat and need to watch what I eat! She's great like that.
But it will be nice to have her here because she will probably help clean a lot and cook dinner and watch Gibby and stuff while Matt and I can focus on getting upstairs (mostly Augusts' room) done!

Alright well. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and for those of us that work tomorrow.. Welcome back to a FULL WEEK OF WORK! After only working 3-4 days out of the week the past two weeks, this is going to suck!

Love you all of course,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boob question..

So last night my left boob started hurting, I just thought whatever, because I am pregnant and my body is going through changes. Then this morning when I woke up it just seemed to hurt a lot more. It wasn't red but hurt to the touch in one spot on the upper left side right above my nipple. I just got home and it's red, but just that one spot and it only hurts in that one spot.
I don't really know what it is, or what to do. I think I'll call the doctor Monday to see if I should go into see him or go into see the nurse at Dr. Voegele's office.
Also, my chin broke out like crazy over I don't know if my hormones are like going wild right now.. or what.
I don't want to stress myself out, but I always have this horrible fear of Breast Cancer, it doesn't run in the family, but anyone can get it you know.

I just hope it's a mild rash that will go away.

On another note-
Went to SLO today with Matt, Lori and Wiss. We went to High Street and it was so good! I haven't had that place in forever. It's really different and not as HIPPIE FIED.
Went to Claire's birthday party and it was fun and different! The Yo Gabba Gabba Drivin Friends I got her were a hit! I went to get Parker & Olivia some, but they totally had like NONE, well they actually had 3 left of Muno and 1 Toadee (?) which they didn't have yesterday! But they had NO brobee and I was really sad for Parker, but I will go back and find one of Brobee before his birthday!

Alright well I'm going to go eat the rest of my sando and relax for the rest of the evening.
OH and I got a really cool Robot lap at Urban for Augusts' room! I think his room is going to be crazy themed with rockets, robots, and weird stuffed animals! But I'm excited about it! Me and Lori also found some real cool fabric for 9 bucks at Urban that we are going to turn into a futon cover for his room, and I'm really excited about it.

Alright. Peace.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm going to have Mexican food with Matt tonight and I'm really excited about that.
Also, not only is February a short month, there are a few birthdays..
Michelle's, Grandma Lo, Grandpa Rick, and ELLA!!
If you ever want to know some one's birthday, ask me.. I'm pretty good at remembering them.

I'm also really into watching car auctions lately. Right now they are talking about a car that was used for racing back in the day, and it looks alot like a car my Grandpa Bucknum raced.

Target update:
All their Valentine stuff is OWLS! I love it.

Baby Shower update:
Should we do a Mexican meal (tacos or burritos or enchiladas) or Mexican appetizers?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Almost 30 weeks.

So...I'm almost 30 weeks. Only 2 days until I'm there. It's weird to think that I'm ALREADY 30 weeks. I feel that this pregnancy has gone by really fast! I'm sure now that I say that the next 10 weeks will be slower than ever! I am getting really excited though. This post is probably going to be alot like the last haha. But This month is going to go by fast and then I have my shower at the end of the month and then February is just a short month..
I really feel pregnant though. My ribs have been hurting and I complain about it all the time. But when you have a baby pushing on something in your rib area it doesn't feel good! I'm almost in pain 24/7. The only time I don't feel that much pain is when I'm laying down to go to bed. But whenever I'm sitting it hurts so bad!
I can't wait for the next ultrasound to see how big this baby really is.
Matt can't wait either! He thinks it's really funny. I really don't want a big baby like Matthew. I would like a 7-8 pounder!
Alright well I need to get some dinner, probably PB&J cause it sounds really good right now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve, and a good start to your New Year 2009...
OH and I can't believe that 1999 was 10 years ago. I loved the 90's hahaha.