Monday, August 23, 2010


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SO MUCH...almost too much.

The computer is going to die.. I am going through some real strange things right now... I am having a complete OCD attack.
More later..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother's of 2+ kids...

Please tell me your thoughts and opinions on when you decided to have baby #2... were you scared? Did you think.. how can I handle TWO kids.. what would you have done differently. What's easy.. what isn't easy..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh...where to call home.

So.. as you all pretty much know..we are foreclosing on our house...or so we thought.
I got a call on Thursday from our bank.. that we haven't paid in 10 months! They decided they want us to stay in the house and are going to work with us to lower our monthly payment. I am kind of just laughing about the whole thing. We will stay in the house depending on how much they lower our monthly payment. We still owe on property taxes and our HOA, so they have to lower it enough for us to be able to afford to pay those two things.
I've just been praying about it and I know whatever is the best for us.. it will just work out.
I really do hope we can stay in the house for a few reasons..
Even though I hate living in Orcutt, and I hate not having a fenced in yard, and I hate pretty much the house.. it's still our first house, that we (kind of) own... I want to be able to fix it up 100% and then maybe in a few years.. try and rent it out and move to AG..?
I don't know.
Whatever is meant to be.... yeah.