Sunday, November 30, 2008


Last night I was getting on the freeway at Los Berros and I saw a little kitten that was on the side of the road, I was freaking out cause I felt horrible if I just left it there.
I pulled over and got out, but it was so dark and I couldn't see anything, I couldn't see it's glowing eyes, and I started saying kitty kitty...
But then I just got in the car and left and tried not to think about it. It was like seriously an 8 week old kitten just chilling near the freeway.
I had to just leave and not think about it because it was making me sad. If I could have gotten it, I would have kept it until the shelter was open so at least I knew it wouldn't die on the side of the road, and maybe at the shelter someone would adopt it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally part 1 & 2

Finally: We are back home
Finally: This morning Matt felt baby kick for the first time! We were laying in the hotel bed "Days Inn" in Barstow, and I felt the baby kick and I moved my hand to where I thought it was, then boom, I felt it and I grabbed Matt's hand and was like PUT YOUR HAND HERE! Again.. boom. Matt smiled huge, it was amazing!!!
It was weird cause I was laying on my right side and usually I lay on my left and he was going wild. Well he kicked like 4 times. It was awesome.

I hope to see people tonight because we have not seen some people in almost 3 weeks!!!!

Good to be back home, but Colorado is pretty.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attn Mom's part 2

So just wondering what items you couldn't live WITHOUT!? I am just adding things to my registry and i feel like i could be forgetting things..

Also, how did you store your breast milk after pumping?
What bottles did you like best.. just new mom things that i dont know, and if all you moms could just give me some tips that would be fabulous.
I can't believe november is like over and there really is only 3 1/2 months to go until baby August is here!
The time is flying it's crazy.!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

5:00 a.m.

I'm awake, showered and ready.
I got $50 bucks worth of Linguica for my parents in the ice chest, with some water, snapple, vitamin water, string cheese, carrots, bananas, and mixed fruit. In the dry bag I got some granola bars, cheez-its and donuts (for matthew).
I've got pillows, blankets, suitcase...Oh I forgot.. I need to get all the clothes I bought for August to show my momma.
Alright well I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend/week/weekend. I will see everyone when I return and I will miss all thee.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Colorado Bound

See you all in 10 days.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Heaven.

Today, about an hour ago, Matthew's grandma Elizabeth passed away.
I never know how to feel when our elders pass.
I only saw Grandma Elizabeth 3-4 times.
The first time I met her was at Grandpa Schurman's funeral. That was a really hard day for me, never meeting him, but knowing how much he meant to Matthew, hurt to see the family in pain.
This was the last Grandparent Matt had, I think that's what hurts me the most now.
I still have 2 grandmother's, a grandfather, and a great grandmother.
I feel that you never know how much you love your grandparents until their passing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Attn: Mothers

What sling/carrier do you think is the best?
And what size do you get?
Thank you.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh Yesterday..

So yesterday started off ok...
Matt and I went to Panera Bread for breakfast. Then we went into town to get my oil changed and go to the beach. On the way into town Matt got a message that there was a show tonight in Anaheim...Dennis wanted to see if he wanted to go. I was kind of pissed cause we already made plans to go to the beach, but then I just forgot about it. We got to Mullahey Ford to get my oil changed. It was 10:30. We went on a walk to get Gibby a frisbe and new leash and harness. We got done and started walking back. It was like 11:15. The car wasn't done yet so we sat inside and watched the ILLINI/OHIO game. Then I saw my car pull up so I went to pay and the tech came in and said "your air filter is dirty, do you want a new one.." and I said yes, and he told me it would be another 20 minutes.. so I was like whatever.
Back to watching the game.. 20 minutes went by and the guy game in and was like, "did you know your check engine light is on...?" and Matt was like it wasn't on before we came.. I told the guy my gas light is on.. and he's like maybe that has something to do with it, get some gas and drive around for a few days and see if it goes off...
That worried me..ALOT.
So we started the car and it didn't sound the same, didn't run the same.. I just thought it was the gas issue.. but really I knew it wasn't, I just didn't want to freak out.
So I get gas, the car is still f'ing up. Then Matt tells me to take him to United Rentals so he can get a ride with Dennis and go to the show.
Well Matt never told me he was for sure going to the show, so I instantly became PISSED.
We got to United Rentals and I just burst into tears because I was so upset that he wasn't going to the beach and that my car is freaking F'D!
Then this semi needed to pull in and he kept honking at me before I was even able to move my car which pissed me off even more!
Finally I just left and was balling my eyes out (pregnancy thing I guess) and started driving home. Then my contact fell out, so I called Matt to come get me at Los Berros exit and drive me home.
I turned the car off and Matt got there and tried starting the car.. um didn't start, totally died!
I was freaking out. SO I called my brother and he told me to check the oil and make sure they actually put oil in the car! So we did and there was oil. I couldn't think straight and was getting so pissed, so I just told Matt let's take it back because my brother also said they probably didn't hook something up and it's causing the car to get to much air and making it turn off!
So we headed towards AG, but what.. the car was totally fine! The check engine light was off, so we went back to Santa Maria and we got to the stop light right by the house and it DIED! The jack ass in front of us kept honking his horn and it's like her mother f'er the car isn't starting!
So I called Mullahey Ford and the guy was like come back in and we will see what's wrong.
Which, don't you think they should have done that in the first place, since we said that light wasn't on before?!
So I get there and he's like.."the censor wasn't hooked back up to the air something or another..I'm so sorry and wish we could reimburse you for the gas to get back here.." but he did give me a free oil change for the next time I come.
I wasn't pissed after that, because I knew it wasn't serious and they admitted their mistake.

SO after all that.. which ended up being 2:30 by the time that was all takin care of, I met up with Lori and we went to Avila with Gibby and Gunnie, it was really fun and I'm glad my day was getting better!
Then we went to Lubrillons (Caleb, Brian, Dillons) to watch the fight, it was good. Saw people, saw Faye, held Faye until she had to get the boob. Felt Jackson kick and it was amazing. I can't wait to actually feel August kick me from the outside!

It turned out to be a good day.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Move It Mister

So I had lunch with Danielle and Lori today and Lori said she feels Jackson all the time..
Then I got to wondering.. maybe these things in my stomach are really August and not gas..
I mean you all know I'm the most gassiest person you have ever met.. but to me I was like wow this gas is crazy in my stomach.. then as I was sitting here lurking blogs and baby items..
I thought.. wait.. maybe this movement is actually August (i know i just said that above) but really I finally think that I actually do feel baby move. It feels like gas, but I don't fart and when I have gas I fart, and it's loud and sometimes smells like acid.

Whatever my back hurts and I told myself I would be in bed at 10 30, its now 11 15

Oh what do I do...

So my cat (champion, the larger one) was having a pee problem.. just peeing everywhere..
Then finally it went away, but tonight it came back. RIGHT in front of me and matt he peed on Gibbys dog bed (which she liked the first day and then doesn't really care anymore, but it was $25$$!)
Matt freaked out and I was pissed but just whatever, then I got to thinking.. this can't happen when August JAMES Bandy arrives. I really don't know what to do. The vet said I need to bring him in because he might have something wrong, but hello.. I don't have $200 to spend on a vet bill right now!
So much of me what's to give him up for adoption, but there's SO many cats out there that deserve a home before I give him up.. and then I don't want to do that because I love him and I will miss him, and I'm afraid Stewie (the other fat cat) will be really sad with out.
I really don't know what to do and I will probably cry when I go to bed tonight, because this situation SUCKS.
I am an animal lover...and I HATE when people just give away their animals like it's no big deal.

PS if you didn't catch the "james" part.. Matt and I (more Matt, cause I already decided) that we are going with AUGUST JAMES BANDY!
August- Matt's Great Grandma
James- My Dad & Brother's middle name.
I am happy with this name. Very much happy.

Panera Bread

It is open and I am going there in like 30 minutes with Lori & Danielle.. if they EVER get here!
I'm so excited, the baby is crying cause he wants food. (I just think that when my stomach growls, it's him saying MOMMY FEED ME NOW!) Is that weird?


I woke up at 6:45 to take Gibby out and saw on the news that more than 80 homes have been destroyed. So sad.
The weather today: HOT & WINDY, no bueno to fight a fire.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Title, not funny..because tonight me, Matt, and Dennis drove to SB and Matt was like...look there's a fire.. at first I thought it was just off the freeway, brush fire.. turns out it's this CRAZY HUGE fire that had only been burning for less than an hour when we saw it.
We went to the show, that was cancelled because there was no power, we stood outside for awhile watching the fire, it was really close.. my eyes hurt and there was ash all over me, and it smelled like smoke so bad.
It was kinda surreal being so close, but I was so sad for those people, possibly OPRAH, who lost their home or live stock...we drove down State street and it was like a ghost town, only 1 stop light was working.. and people really don't know how to drive when stop lights aren't working it was kinda scary.

When I got home and saw the fire on the news.. it had grown SO much from when we saw it..
It looked like all of SB was on fire.
I hope everyones ok. As far as I know there have been at least 7 houses burnt, I'm sure that total will go up over night. The winds are crazy and it's SO hot (Santa Ana.. thank you not.)

I'm tired and went to Santa Barbara to go to a show and eat Chipotle and ended up watching a fire and eating In N Out.


Monday, November 10, 2008


This wind is giving me the worst headache in the world. I really can't stand it, even though I do love the cold/wind, right now I'm not enjoying it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


So I really hate Verizon right now (not the cell phone service). We have verizon internet and phone...which we never use the house phone any more so I went to cancel it and the guy was like giving me this huge speech of why I shouldn't.. so I hung up on him. I called Comcast (I love this company) to get high speed cable internet, instead of Verizon DSL, which ends up being a couple bucks cheaper in the long run..
So I order the modem and it arrives Friday, I waited until tonight to install the crap to get us up and running on CABLE instead of DSL.
I did everything right, and called Comcast cause I couldn't get on the internet.. he told me I should be able to.. so he walked me through a few steps and then told me to turn off the computer.. I did...
(while in my head thinking..oh God I hope the computer comes back on...because I have been having this awful feeling that our computer is going to break real is 5 years old and has been through ALOT..we have had like 3 new hard drives put in it!)
So I go to turn the computer back on.. and it gives me this CRAZY message about the power battery being low or something.. I freaked out.. but it still works..except it doesn't accept the cable modem! oh and we haven't had speakers in like a year!)

SO.. Matt has a Dell account which we used to buy this computer... so I think our Christmas present for our self will be a new computer.. I know we don't have the money.. but we can't live without a computer. I do all the bills online, we have a baby due in March and this will be the only way for distant family and friends to see baby August (James.. I hope that's the middle name cause I LOVE it).

Whatever. I also have done almost all the laundry and I'm really proud of myself and I can't wait for desperate housewives tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Sunday.

So Sundays I like to sleep... and I'm not meaning like a 1 hour nap. I literally like to sleep ALL DAY. I just get up and out of bed and go right to the couch. I've been on the couch since 7:30 this morning and just now finally decided I should get up and shower. I really don't like being this lazy but it just feels so good to sleep or rest all day!
I do though need to do like 10 loads of laundry. So I guess I'm going to shower and then start the wonderful tasks of CLOTHES!
Matt and I are going to Colorado in 2 weeks for 1 week so I guess I should get a head start on this laundry because I know if I don't it will be like this in 2 weeks and then we won't have any clothes!
So yeah that's really it.
I'm bored and the weather is weird outside, really cold and windy.
Sometimes it makes me miss Chicago.
Sometimes I want to move to a place that's cold, is that weird.. probably.
I love California, but I don't love California's high prices on EVERYTHING.

Whatever that's another post.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stewie in cups, Champ on table, Gibby outside.


is driving me CRAZY at night.
First off, she sleeps in bed with us, which today I'm going to buy a dog bed...cause that HAS to stop, which I know is going to be really hard.
Second, she licks and licks and licks and licks for days in the middle of the night.. so 1. the bed just smells like dog and 2. it keeps me up at night!
So when I get home from work today I am giving her a bath, her flea meds (even though she doesn't have them and this will be the first time I give them to her.. but I'm scared cause I think she's sick so maybe I'll wait until she's better), cleaning the sheets and cover, and forcing her to lay in that dog bed.
So I know tonight will be another really hard night.. but whatever.
AHHH, Stewie at about 6:30 scratches and scratches the door for like 15 minutes straight. He's so annoying, he's also the cat that grabs you when you get in the shower cause he wants some lovin or the water in the sink turned on. He's also driving me crazy.
I think being pregnant has made me hate these animals.. not really hate, but just not care as much.. which is really sad cause Stewie has been with us for 4 years and I love that stupid cat to death.. but he freaking drives me crazy.
THEN Champion.. he's another story.. when I take Gibby out in the morning he just follows me meowingggggg like crazy.. he wants to be fed! (this is why he's so fat..) He just meows and meows and meows and then when you go to get the food lets out this HUGE MEEEEEEOOOOOW in a high pitch, it's actually really funny.. but that cat is SO lazy and does NOTHING all day long. I'll leave from work and come home for lunch and he will be in the SAME spot, then when I come home from work at the end of the day.. SAME spot!

My life is going to get wild after baby comes with these three animals.
Oh so help me God.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I never want to clean, then I get in this crazy cleaning mood, but I get tired too fast to really finish anything. Our laundry is always piled so high, it's mad crazyness.
I think Gibby is sick, I think she ate something (cat litter) cause she has been pooping weird, I think it's just going through her system and if she's not having more solid poops in the next few days I'll have to take her to the vet, which is always a good $200 bucks. So I'm hoping she gets better.
I also stepped in dog crap last night when leaving Loris.. and we also almost hit a deer on the way home from BUNCO. It was crazy.

Most of this is sarcastic...but some is so true.

Why wasn't Oprah the VP? That would have made a sweet team.
I'm part of youth of america, but I'm not the part that voted for NObama (as Amy would put it).

Let's all hope that this man lies less than the others, or else Canada's population will be going up.

I love you Michelle and your face last night was worth a million words and explained exactly how I felt, without even saying anything.

And WHY the F were people crying?!? SERIOUSLY....WHY!?!?!
If I were to shed any tears they would be of disgust!

Have a good day, knowing your new president is Barack Hussein Obama.
One is quoted saying "Obama is the Bush of democrats..." Take that how you will.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is election day, a big day for America.
I'm nervous, I hate politics, I'm glad it will be over.

Go Vote.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you..

Anni & Pam,
For the best outfit yet!!!! I totally forgot how much I miss H&M, they have really cute baby things! I need to go there now!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!