Sunday, January 4, 2009

Laugh my face off...

So yesterday, while talking to someone I just laughed so much, not really out loud but in my head. This person being Taryn, she was saying some freaking funny stuff and it like made my day I don't know why. But things she said I just couldn't stop laughing, and I'm even thinking about them now!
I love when you have friends that can just make you laugh, with just saying simple things or pointing out simple stuff.
Yesterday Taryn just happened to be that friend.

AND another note... I realized that I have only 9 weekends until my due date, which is stressing me out like CRAZY! So next weekend (the 10th and 11th) Matt and I are going to work on the house all weekend. And in return he gets to buy this stupid thing that Caleb and Brian told him about, well it's not really stupid, but it's just something for his DS and that means less time with me. HAHA.
But then I also said we can get some cool baby clothes (Judge onesie & Gorilla Biscuits onesie, I know only cool to me haha).
Also, in the next couple days my grandma LOLA will be here and I'm really excited for her to come. She hasn't seen me since I've been pregnant and who knows what she will say to me. Usually when she sees me she tells me I'm fat and need to watch what I eat! She's great like that.
But it will be nice to have her here because she will probably help clean a lot and cook dinner and watch Gibby and stuff while Matt and I can focus on getting upstairs (mostly Augusts' room) done!

Alright well. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and for those of us that work tomorrow.. Welcome back to a FULL WEEK OF WORK! After only working 3-4 days out of the week the past two weeks, this is going to suck!

Love you all of course,


taryn said...

oh krista i can't even remember what was so funny yesterday but i know that we had a good time together in that booth and i remember alot of laughing!!!!

wiss said...

5 day work week can SUCK IT!!!