Monday, February 2, 2009


Who does your taxes?
Some Professional

Let me know. I've been using Turbo Tax forever.. so I want to see what everyone else does.


taryn said...

i've used turbo tax forever and loved it but 2 years ago we did it and then got a return, spent it and then a couple months later got a letter that we owed the irs $1800.00!!! sooo scary! we took our stuff to shaun's parents tax guy and he got it down to $300 thank god and then last year and this year we have taken him our stuff. he does get a couple hundred of our return but totally worth it.

Krista said...

If you owe money how much do they take!??! So far we are getting 90 bucks back and owe the state like 300!! it's freaking lame. we are paying 3900 from 2007 tax year!!! i really am stuck on what to do!

Anni said...

we have always gone to H&R block, because you can pay a small extra fee for the protection, so that if there are any mistakes, the IRS cannot come after you for any money. BUT, H&R block charges quite a bit, so if you owe, and aren't getting much back I wouldn't suggest using them.

Anni said...

PS next year will be better, you should get more back for having a baby!! haha