Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Appointment.

So at work today I wasn't feeling good. Probably the worst I have felt since I've been pregnant. I was having ALOT of pressure down there and I got light headed and really dizzy and I started shaking. I waited until 1:45 to call the doctors office, and they asked me to come in at 2:30. So I went in and they had me pee in a different cup, so they could test it, which usually I do myself. I asked why, and they said to make sure it's not my bladder...? So I waited for awhile and then finally they called my name. Oh and also my weight was less 3 pounds than last time, however I am wearing leggings and NOT jeans!
So I went in and they drew blood and then the doctor came in and I told him how I was feeling. He thought this was a normal visit, but I actually wasn't scheduled to come in until next Thursday, which he was kind of mad about because I'm suppose to be going in every week now, so he was glad I came in. He did the Group B test or whatever it is, and then checked my cervix. I am NOT dilated and everything is normal. He said he's dropping so I'm going to be feeling more and more pressure down there.
It is so hard for me to walk, it HURTS when I walk. He said I am having contractions, but that I can't really feel (whatever that means).
Anyway, so I am okay.. OH wait the best part about going in today.. he told me since I've been feeling that way at work, he put me on disability! I couldn't be more excited, only because it is really hard for me to focus at work. He asked me what I did when I was feeling light headed and told him just sat there and drank water, cause I couldn't lay down. That's what made him make the choice of putting me on disability!
So today was my official last day of work, except I will be working from home (on the side) so I can still get a paycheck (on the side) and disability pay!

I feel A LOT better now and I am glad everything is ok. The baby's heart rate was 150, last time it was 160 but he said when he gets bigger, it gets slower.
So I go in next Thursday for another routine check up, and then maybe the following week another ultrasound.

That's all!


Danielle said...

YEY!!! that baby is coming soon!!! gosh im so excited!!!

Anni said...

wow, it is getting so close. sorry you feel so crappy. i feel your pain, i remember it like it was yesterday. i could not walk either, ouch.

Erin said...

I'm glad you went in. Now you just need to take it easy. Cool that you don't have to work. And I hope that little guy will be early!!! It sounds like he's making his way!