Sunday, February 15, 2009


So last night I decided I was going to put together the pack n play, which was really easy after I figured out how to get it locked and sitting up! I had to have Matt do it, but I put everything else together.
Then I put together this infant seat that we got from the Santiagos.
I also put the monitor together and put batteries in the other swing.
I got all the laundry that still needs to be washed, got my hospital bag somewhat together.
Just a bunch of random things in the room.
We got these decals that are robots to put on the walls! We will do that today. And then Matt wanted to get this IRON MAN figure it is really cool, so we bought it at Target and will look good in the room!
I just need to get this baby out so he/I can enjoy all the cool things/clothes in his room!!

I am hoping for 16 more days! Haha.

Alright well I need to shower, I smell really bad.
We are going to put together the car seat and stroller today and then put the other TV upstairs in our room and clean out more of the closet in the babies room.
I am just in a total nesting phase right now, the house has never been so clean haha.



Michelle said...

I saw those decals the other day and totally thought of you guys. I just got really jealous hearing about everything you guys are putting together. I LOVED doing that stuff!! I better see you before you have that baby - he'll be here so soon!

Anni said...

umm take some pictures please! i wanna see this kids room and stuff!

Erin said...

Ya definitely post some pictures of that room. I love the end of pregnancy. It's so fun to get everything ready. It sucks to be uncomfortable and anxious. But seriously enjoy your sleep if you can. Just relax. Lay around. He'll be here before you know it.

Krista said...

I will post pictures tomorrow probably. Also, my vagina is hurting so bad, the bone that makes your vagina.. your pevlis? Haha I asked Matt the correct term and he told me but it was something crazy sounding. Gosh I am gross I know. But I have been taking warm baths everyday and it's so NICE!

Anni said...

that's your babies head pressing on your pelvis! hopefully he is super low and you will have to do less work to push him out!!!