Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I have lost 2 pounds since my last doctor's visit...according to my scale, which I always go on before I go to the doctor so I know what mine says the day I go there.
Is that weird?
I also feel that I'm getting sick.. well I actually think it might be the weather, I just have the sneezes and a crazy stuffed up nose.
I also don't like 2 pairs of maternity pants I bought at Old Navy, so I'll be returning those.
And for the thing that annoys me the most.. dogs licking themselves. EW.

Have a gooooood Tuesday.


Michelle said...

It's not that weird to lose a couple of pounds I don't think. If you think about it, you weigh different amounts before and after you go the bathroom...so that could be the reason! hahahaha.

Anni said...

no it's not weir dyou weigh yourself at home first. i always did too. then i would tell the nurse how much i weighed as a stepped in the scale.