Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Life...

So, this is really personal, but I don't care at this moment cause I want people to realize why I stress out like I do.

First off, money is always tight, and I'm sure it is for everyone, even those that don't want to admit it (like me). Last year our property tax bill was $860.00 +873.00 due in December, then the same 2 payments due in April. For some reason it didn't seem that bad last year, maybe cause we had money saved up from when we bought the house, and then we got money back from our taxes for the April payment (haha, well not really since we actually owe the feds $4000). Well last week I opened the mail and what do you know, our property taxes decided to creep up on us this year out of nowhere (i was totally expecting them, just didn't think about it) and I opened it up.. $1600.00 due in December and $1600.00 due in April. I don't know why but I was shocked! I think because they are about the same as last year and the value of property has shot WAY down! I pretty much hate the government and the federal tax people, the freaking tax bill is more than we pay in a month.. I know you are supposed to save up for this thing, like it's part of your house bill.. but how can people save with the economy the way it is?!

Being young, and owning a house.. isn't always cool. Since we have lived here we have had to get a new frig and new water heater. I'm sure sooner than later we will need a new washer and dryer.. ours SUCKS. We also need a new BATHTUB because this one is SICK and I refuse to let my baby bathe in it.

Well there really is no point to this, other than as of right now the Bandy's are BROKE, not only do we have tax bills, but we have normal every day life bills.

With a baby on the way it freaks me out to even think about how we will get by, cause I really don't know. I'm going to start buying diapers and wipes and clip coupons and only buy on-sale stuff. No more target shopping sprees or lunch and dinner eat outs every other day/night.

Life is just crazy. Save what you can, even if it's only $75 a month (that's my plan right now, sad I know!)

So I hope you enjoyed a glance at my personal finances, I'm just letting you all know.. think before you buy anything that's unnecessary!

I love my friends & family.

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a song for parker said...

well if you turn on the T.V. you will see that you my dear are not alone! Oprah has been about money budgets it's all over the place. Oprah says it's a wake up call ... which it's true. We just spend spend spend when we should be saving saving saving! You are not alone. And everything always works out. Wash your baby in the sink:)