Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I have been trying to eat alot of Raisin Bran because I couldn't poop for awhile, but now I can and it's good. BUT today I have had the worst gas ever! I fart for like 30 seconds straight and then it just is the worst smell ever, it smells like poo that has been in the toilet for like days and oh gosh it's nasty. Matt got up because it was so bad.
Whatever.. that's me.


Anni said...

umm..yeah that was my biggest grossest thing while i was pregnant. seriously. Every night, but only in the evenings/night time I would fart for several hours and they were soooo raunchy james would have to leave the room. I am surprised he didn't sleep on the couch! Don't expect that to go away until August comes out!!!! hahahahah

P.S. I looked at your crib bedding and it is super cute and such a good deal!!!!

Danielle said...

whats new! Tell us something we dont already know!