Saturday, April 24, 2010

It feels good..

to be back to running! I haven't really RAN in 2 weeks, I have done little short runs and then long walks. Today was a really good run for me, until James Way of course! I made it all the way to Mason without stopping, which is crazy. I pretty much walked up Mason, ran alittle of Tally Ho, walked most of James Way, a few sprints here and there, and then ran down James Way, ran half of rancho parkway. For the most part I feel that I did really good. My knee did not hurt at all, although my ankels hurt alittle bit.
My fastest pace at one point was 7.22, but that was probably going down hill, because my slowest was 18.00, hahahaha.
Anyway I feel that I have improved and if it wasn't for those hills I would have been able to have a better pace I feel like.
I hope to get in a few runs when I am in Colorado.. at least 2! But the air is so different up there.
Ok time for dinner!

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